Carbohydrates may be a major factor in itching and obesity in dogs. There has been a movement called "Raw Diet" where in owners have been mixing up organ meat and fresh meat to make a raw goulash of food for their dogs and cats. Disgusting as it may seem, there are upsides to this. They have experienced better health, lower body weights and even better breath in their pets. But I wonderd if it HAD to be raw? Was it the "raw" voodoo or perhaps just the natural ratios of fat to protein to carbs? 

Turns out it has a LOT to do with the ratios. Diets close to 60%P:30%F:10%C give similar results to raw.

The Whole Low Carb Blurb in One Go:

Start with this video: "Carbohydrate Intolerance" By Dr. Erik Johnson


2) Definitive Discussion of Available Low Carb Foods:

3) Probably the best current literature (Text) on canine diet trends:

A) Wysong Epigen 5lb 60:30:10 Ratio Food –

B) Orijen Senior for similar benefits to low carb.

C) Bark at the Moon – Low carb, high protein / fat.

D) EVO Red Meat diet: Small Bite formula:

To Get Fiber into Raw Diet (Very Low Carb) Dogs: 
FOS Chicory Root Inulin Fiber Supplement Economical High Quality:

Why a Drop In Appetite on Low Carb?

It might be the "decline" in appetite for it might come from the fact that the diet is probably three times more calorie dense than regular dog food. To meet their needs for calories (in the absence of carbs) they only need a little bit each day. It's high in fat. But in the absence of carbs, they don't get fat on it because they USE the fat, not storing it.