Consultation on South American fish

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Freshwater Fish

Size of system in gallons


Water Changes

1x week 25-30% water is clean, no gravel

Stocking Density in Inches of Fish

5 denticulata piranha @ 7″ and 4 tiger silver dollars @ 4″

Type(s) of filtration

2 aquaclear 110, one fluval wavemaker

Did you get any new fish? Did you quarantine them?

All my fish came directly from the Amazon River to my tanks in Canada

So, What's Going On?

First of all I went to school with a friend Don G. who is from and lives in Marietta GA!!!

I have kept piranhas for many years. I have a school who had black dots on them from the time I received them. Years before I remember black dots on my old school that I don't remember causing problems. I have had this school for about a year and a half. They are healthy, eating but recently they have been flashing much more than “normal”. I really don't see anything but a few black spots that I thought were kinda always there, if anything the black spots are better. Looks like some raised spots sort of small blisters if you look real close. I've noticed 2 other tanks flashing now too! One tank is exodons, the other some big Pygos. I've salted for 5 days so far at 0.03 still flashing but less ?

Live Plants? Invertebrates?

None of the abov

There are possibilities for those black dots and you’re right, they would be harmless without a snail and a wading bird to finish their lifecycle.

It’s also possible with new fish that you got some thing like a minor, genetic trematode into the collection such as gyrodactylis or dactylogyrus would be my guess.

That’s a harmless theory to test because I will send you a link to a medication and exactly how to use it to clear it up, safely. And if you’re still having the problem in four or five days then we have to think about other possibilities. All the fish you’re talking about have a tendency to be sensitive to certain medication’s.